Our Team


Rishab Gupta

Founder/Executive Director

Hello! My name is Rishab Gupta – a sophomore at Santa Clara High School passionate about iOS Development and making a difference in my community. My proudest project is an app I made for my school which supports 1000+ students. In my free time, I enjoy: coding, playing tennis, and playing guitar. I look forward to supporting my community through this difficult time.


Ayush Gupta

Director of Operations/Marketing

Hi! My name is Ayush and I am a freshman at Santa Clara High School who is passionate about music. I am currently in my school's Symphonic Band, and I have started to learn a new instrument: the clarinet. I also love inspiring people through guitar and my favorite piece is Valseana, by Assad. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, playing tennis, and playing football. 


IMG_0379 - Ren Ghandehari-Tian.jpg

Ren Ghandehari

Hello! My name is Ren Ghandehari, a junior at Yerba Buena High School. I enjoy photography, literature, Spanish, and mathematics. I look forward to aiding our community in academic pursuits during this challenging time.

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Anna Clark

Hi! I’m Anna! I live in Massachusetts and I go to North Andover High school. I love science, especially biology. I also have a passion for art. In school, I am part of the National Honors society, Student ambassadors club, Science team, and more. Out of school, I love to dance all different styles, including ballet, pointe, lyrical, and jazz.


Thomas Mathew

Hello! My name is Thomas and I am sophomore at Santa Clara High School. I enjoy going to school and discovering new things. Outside of school, I enjoy balloon twisting, reading and running.

IMG-1713 - Pradeep Kundu.JPG

Pradeep Kundu

Having lived in 10+ states throughout my life, I understand the importance of consistent education. My specialties are in history and English(maintaining A’s in AP Euro, APUSH and AP Lang). I am also a member of the school’s Mock trial team and the captain of my debate team.


Jema Ranoy

Hi! My name is Jema and I am currently a junior at Santa Clara High School. I have taken multiple AP and honors courses and enjoy pushing myself to do better. I enjoy playing instruments and playing badminton on my school team. Currently, I am the Junior Class Spirit Representative at my school and in the fall, I had been one of the conductors of the marching band. Some of my favorite subjects are Spanish and Math.

Screenshot_20200409-185326 - Maile Wong.

Maile Wong

Hello! My name is Maile and I am currently a sophomore at Santa Clara High School. My favorite subjects are biology and math, though I also enjoy reading, baking, music as I am currently in the marching band and winter guard for my school, and mismatched socks.

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Isabelle Villarreal

Hi! I’m Isabelle, a current junior at Santa Clara High School. I’m an involved member in the music program, being in three different groups including marching band, winterguard and symphonic band. Being in A.V.I.D., I am also very familiar with techniques for studying for the SAT/ACT. I enjoy working with elementary children as well as middle school pre-teens. Outside of school, I am an assistant instructor for Buchser Middle School’s Color Guard and a frequent volunteer with the YMCA Program.

IMG_0536 2 - Kaitlyn Butcher.jpg

Kaitlyn Butcher

Hello, my name is Kaitlyn Butcher. I'm currently a sophomore at Santa Clara High. My passions lie in volunteering with youth, playing soccer, running, and managing a Red Cross club at my school. In the future, I look forward to pursuing a career in medicine. However, in the meantime, I am eager to assist students during these challenging circumstances.

Emily - Emily Harvie.jpg

Emily Harvie

I'm Emily and I am currently a sophomore at Santa Clara High School. I am a writer and staff member of our school's print and online newspaper The Roar. My favorite subjects are science and math, however you can also find me reading, writing, and expressing myself through different mediums of art. Outside of school I enjoy swimming, running, and learning and educating others about the ethics and sustainability of clothing.

IMG_9717 - Aarushi Shah.JPG

Aarushi Shah

Hi! I am a sophomore at Santa Clara High School interested in the sciences, specifically biology, as well as business. I love working with kids, and I have been a math and reading tutor at Kumon, where I tutored kids ranging from grades 2-8. Aside from academics, I love to create digital art, write poetry, and play volleyball. I'm excited to see kids learn and grow!

IMG_4355 - Akshita Ponnuru.jpg

Akshita Ponnuru

Hi! My name is Akshita, and I'm a sophomore at Santa Clara High School. Aspiring to go into the medical field, I am also passionate to help engage students in various subjects. In my free time I also dance, play tennis, and do art.

IMG-20200412-WA0001 - Maia Kumar.jpg

Maia Kumar

I’m a sophomore at Santa Clara High. I am passionate about working with special needs students and ESL students. Currently, I am an academic peer tutor for special needs students at my high school in a life skills class where I teach them how to code using Scratch and assist them with their activities, including reading. Besides school, I also volunteer for two non-profit organizations that benefit underprivileged children and women in India.


Camille Gandotra

Hi! My name is Camille Gandotra and I am a junior at Santa Clara High School. I have taken many AP classes to really push myself and have taken courses covering subjects that I enjoy like, photography and animation. In my spare time, I love to play video games and binge-watch shows. I hope to share my learnings to others!

IMG_3133_Original - Minu Jaeger.HEIC

Minu Jaeger

Hello! I am a med student in Germany. I am a former student of SCHS and I am the biggest nerd I know. I get excited about math equations and cool chemical reactions. Outside of school I love soccer and used to even play for the school team.

TutoringPicture - Neha Mandava.jpg

Neha Mandava

Hello! My name is Neha and I am currently a sophomore at Santa Clara High. I am extremely passionate about the scientific and medical field and created the Bio-Chem club to encourage young, scientific minds. Outside school, I enjoy playing tennis and dancing, as well as volunteering throughout the community with people of all age groups. I am genuinely excited to virtually help other students persevere and learn a lot more!


Sana Aliminati

Hi, my name is Sana! I’m currently a sophomore at Basis Independent. My hobbies include part-taking in DECA, girl scouts, dance, and Red Cross. As of now, I’m interested in neuroscience, economics and psychology and hope to one day pursue a career in behavioral economics. I look forward to working with students amidst the frenzy of COVID-19.

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Rhea Nair

Hi everyone, my name is Rhea, and I am currently a sophomore at Santa Clara High School. I love studying genes as well as working with circuits and plan to go into a field in surgical research in the future. I love to play volleyball at any chance I get, but also enjoy baking, badminton, and volunteering with animals. Looking forward to helping students out!

Pic - Prateek Kundu.JPG

Prateek Kundu

Hi! I'm Prateek, I am a freshman at Santa Clara High School. I lived in over 10+ states and know the importance of education. I am part of the Santa Clara swim team, Mock Trial team, and the debate team.

IMG_20200109_180417_587 - Ethan Cheng.jp

Ethan Cheng

Hi everyone! Currently, I'm a freshman at Santa Clara High School. I enjoy reading and learning about new subjects, including my culture. I love performing arts, and have participated in numerous performances. In my free time, I create my own scripts for possible performances in the future.

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Neha Agrawal

My name is Neha Agrawal and I am in the graduating class of 2023 at Santa Clara High School in Santa Clara, California. I became a Math Program Completer at Kumon when I was 14 years old. A week before I finished, I started my job there. I really have a passion for helping people. It is so rewarding to know that you have made a difference in someone else’s life!

IMG_2369 - Adreema Ahsan.PNG

Adreema Ahsan

My name is Adreema Ahsan and I am currently a freshman at Santa Clara High School. My favorite subjects include Science, English and Social Studies. I have lots of experience with kids and I love working with them. I enjoy playing the piano, musical theatre and I am on a Speech and Debate team.

IMG-1279 - Cole McColloch.jpg

Cole McColloch

Hey there! I'm Cole, a current sophomore at Santa Clara High School. I love music and swimming, and also am in the leadership class here at Santa Clara High, working at the student store. I'm very excited to start helping students out!

Boz Azordegan

Hey! My name is Boz Azordegan and I am a freshman at Santa Clara High School. I love nature and giving back to the community.My favorite subjects include, Science, Math, and English. In my free time I enjoy playing music, badminton, and hanging out with my friends. I look forward to helping students learn and grow.

89B3F858-AAEE-450A-8C11-B2CDDE2F9B40 - A

Aashi Shah

Hi! My name is Aashi, and I’m a freshman at Amador Valley High School. I love learning and exploring new things. My hobbies include debate, JSA, art, badminton, and science. In the future, I hope for a career in medicine or biochemistry.

Mustafa pic - mustafa siddiqui.PNG

Mustafa Siddiqui

Hello! My name is Mustafa, a current junior at BRCSS in Ontario, Canada. I am the founder and president of my school’s community awareness club. In addition to writing a blog for my local library, I enjoy attending Model UN conferences, writing poetry, and playing soccer. In the future, I would like to pursue a career in the medical field.

IMG-20181231-WA0013 - Anishka Bhartiya.j

Anishka Bhartiya

Hi! My name is Anishka Bhartiya and I am a sophomore at Santa Clara High School. I love studying science, especially biology. Whenever I have free time, I'm either playing volleyball, baking, or cooking. I also play the piano and recently took up acting classes for fun.

Anush Patel

Hi, my name is Anush Patel and I am a junior at American High School. My passions include playing basketball, photography, and meeting new people. My favorite subjects at school are biology and geometry I was member of my school's DECA Club and Science and Ecology Club.

BD697F61-652C-4E77-B798-12488565CFAF - V

Vuong Bui

Hello! Being a junior in the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute at Santa Clara High School, I understand the importance of succeeding in your classes and want to share my knowledge and experiences during this devastating time. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, and always love watching a good movie.

IMG-2823 - Shruti Hardasani.jpg

Shruti Hardansi

Hi! My name is Shruti Hardasani and I am currently a junior at Milpitas High School. I am currently in the swim team at my high school and part of many other clubs. Additionally, I also have some expertise in debate, specifically Public Form. In the future I would like to pursue a career dealing with Data Science and Business Administration.

MVIMG_20190608_092837_4 - Tyler Louie.jp

Tyler Louie

Hi, my name is Tyler, and I'm a sophomore at Santa Clara High School. I enjoy travelling and going to new places. When I'm not in school, you'll find me watching movies or outside with friends.

D2086A47-E14E-4DBD-8222-7D91D8D34F71 - L

Lucy Clarke

Hello! My name is Lucy and I am currently a freshman at Wilcox High School. I am extremely passionate about art and have been accepted into my school AP drawing class for next year! Outside of school, I play water polo for Santa Clara Swim Club, and sing with The Music School in Sunnyvale! I’m so excited to be able to help people learn!

C338301C-F083-4C3D-BCB2-1168802DECAF - J

Jesus P. Sanchez

Hey! My name is Jesus Perez Sanchez and I am currently a junior at Santa Clara High School. I am a student of the STEM Leadership Institute, President of the Political Forum Club, a violinist at the SJYS Philharmonic Orchestra, and participate in my school's Cross Country and Track team. I am passionate about learning and look forward to helping out!

IMG_1593 - Shailee Nanavati.jpg

Shailee Nanavati

Hello! I am Shailee, a sophomore at Santa Clara High School and founder of Bears to Share. I have experience teaching STEM subject to students at Buchser Middle School and hope to share my passion for science and math with other kids. In my free time, I enjoy working on passion projects and doing hurdles in track and field. I am excited to help students during this time to enhance their learning and expand their knowledge!

8F098772-4843-4EFC-9C46-D2F0910CBD86 - H

Heidi Hu

Hi my name is Heidi Hu, a freshman at Santa Clara High School. I am passionate about helping others reach success! I will do whatever I can to help a student gain a better understanding of mathematics and become a more confident student. My hobbies include playing basketball, listening to music, and eating food :)

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 3.09.12 PM - V

Vyshnavi Katta

Hi! My name is Vyshnavi Katta and I am a freshman at Santa Clara High School who is passionate about computer science and biotechnology. I enjoy biking, dance, playing badminton, and playing the violin. I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for me!

IMG_1801 - Pranathi Ravipati.jpg

Pranathi Ravipati

Hi! My name is Pranathi. I’m a freshman at Santa Clara High School. I enjoy reading, playing tennis, and playing the classical guitar. My favorite subjects are math and English. I look forward to helping people learn!